Is ozonated oil the next biohacking super product?


By Biocharged Staff

Made popular by Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave Asprey, Biohacking, or DIY biology, is the idea of taking full control (in whatever way possible) of your own biology by changing the environment in and around you. This can be through extreme methods – stem cell injections or cryotherapy, for example – or by making simple changes to your lifestyle by reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and increasing your daily activity.

Asprey’s hugely popular podcast is a mainstay in the biohacking community – featuring notable health and wellness experts from John Gray to Tony Robbins to Biocharged Health Systems’ lead scientist, Ian Mitchell.

Asprey and those like him spend time researching and testing popular biohacking trends, like RFID Chip Implants, wellness apps, exosome therapies and more. Additionally, the biohacking community spotlights cutting-edge biohacking products such as Halo Sport headphones–the first-ever brain stimulator that can help you learn skills faster. With neurostimulation technology, the headphones stimulate the area of the brain responsible for movement, increasing training gains in strength, skill, and endurance. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, another known biohacker, swears by the Oura Ring to track his sleep – another often quantified figure in the biohacking sphere. The thinking goes – the more data you can gather on your body’s functions, the better you can optimize your body.
The ozonides in Resistor attack harmful bacteria to promote gut health.
Asprey is also a huge advocate for ozone treatment for mitochondrial stimulation and wrote about it in detail in his book Head Strong, a revolutionary plan to upgrade brainpower. One of Asprey’s main tenets is that gut bacteria controls the mind. The trillions of bacteria in your gut, Asprey says, are constantly at war. Certain strains stick around, certain strains fight off invaders, and others die off. This bacterial homeostasis determines a lot about your biology. Your gut and brain are in constant contact thanks to a pathway he refers to as the “gut-brain” axis. By taking control of your gut flora, you can improve everything from mood to energy level.
Lead Biocharged scientist Ian Mitchell notes that to really take control of one’s health, you must focus on the gut. With Resistor, the delayed-release capsules target gut health in a way that’s both convenient and safe, as opposed to ozone therapy in more intrusive methods. The ozonides in Resistor attack harmful bacteria to promote gut health. Properly balanced gut flora aids in weight loss and metabolic support. Since Resistor’s Charged Ozonated Oil strengthens cells at a the mitochondrial level, it helps protect your body’s ability to fight disease, illness, and other ailments. Supplements are a popular tool in the biohacker’s arsenal. From anti-aging supplements to nootropics or “smart drugs,” to Resistor’s COO, there are a number of products on the market ready to help take control of your body’s functions.




Advanced detox, gut health & Cellular strEngth

Charged Ozonated Oil supports your body on a cellular level by introducing ozonides which cause a hermetic response to supercharge your body’s mitochondria at a fast rate. Thus enhancing and increasing cellular regeneration and detoxification. Additionally the ozonides attack harmful bacteria to promote gut health. Properly balanced gut flora aids in weight loss and metabolic support.

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