Ozonated Oil

9 Reasons Why Ozonated Oil is Good for You

by biocharged staff

Bodies are complicated. To elicit the kind of energy we need may take more than a cup of coffee or a shot of Red Bull (please don’t drink Red Bull).

But here’s what’s not complicated: ozonated oil. Okay, yes, the ins, outs, and intricacies of its impact aren’t exactly the stuff of elementary school science. But if you break it down (which we’re about to do with you) the benefits of ozonated oil and our capsules are actually pretty clear — and there’s a lot of them. That’s why we do what we do at Biocharged: We love making products like the Resistor delayed-release capsules, which provide multiple benefits all at once (including benefits you might not even know you need).

So let’s make the complex simple: Here are nine simple reasons you should try ozonated oil capsules like our Resistor product.

It wields the power of the ozone (without any of the ozone’s drawbacks)

We totally get it: the words “ozone” and “health” haven’t always been synonymous. But it’s important to remember that just as hydrogenated oil doesn’t include pure hydrogen, ozonated oil doesn’t include ozone. That said, the name is still apt. Spoiler alert: It’s great news for your body. The process of ozonation actually removes the ozone from these capsules, creating what are called ozonites. By infusing your body with those ozonites (more on those in a bit) you get all of the benefits of the ozone without worrying about any ozone-related damage.

Its delayed-release makes it safe and seamless

It’s important to remember two keywords: delayed-release. That means our capsules don’t really get to work until they’re safely nestled right where they need to be. In this case, “right where they need to be” is your gastrointestinal tract, but never fear: these capsules are created from the kind of stuff your body needs — not the kind of stuff that will harm it. Which brings us to our next point.

It’s all-natural

As mentioned above, ozonated oil doesn’t include ozone; it includes ozonites. This is a key distinction because ozonites have the naturally cleansing components of the ozone without the danger of the ozone itself. These vital ingredients get to work on healing your GI tract without exposing you to the potentially dangerous chemicals you might find in other products.

It detoxifies your gut

Speaking of your GI tract, the relief you get from these delayed-release capsules is subtle yet powerful. Most of us have toxins in our gut that we don’t even feel or know about, but ozonated oil attacks those toxins before they can do any serious harm. Best of all, that’s only the beginning of these capsules’ many robust health benefits.

It can help you manage your weight

Weight management is one of the myriads of benefits that comes with boosting your gut health. Let us explain: Your gut’s microbiomes play a vital role in both your digestion and your overall health. When you have an imbalance of healthy vs. unhealthy microbes, your cholesterol and blood sugar can rise and your weight can become even harder to manage. By promoting healthy flora in your gut, ozonated oil subsequently supports all of the above: cholesterol, blood sugar, and even your weight. That means a product like our Resistor capsules can be the crucial asset you’ve been missing as you pursue your fitness and exercise goals.

It balances your oxidants and antioxidants

Antioxidants are fantastic. In fact, a predominance of antioxidants is how you maintain healthy tissue. But the key here is balance: you don’t want too many antioxidants, and you don’t want too many oxidants. A product like our Resistor capsules helps you attain that balance between the two, which in turn keeps your tissue healthy and your cells humming along.

It enhances your mitochondrial function

Proper mitochondrial function is an essential part of your life and your health. There’s actually a substantial body of research that connects mitochondrial malfunction with a number of chronic diseases. All of which is to say that lighting up your mitochondria is great for an energy boost, but it’s even better for your long-term health. Therein lies perhaps the most impressive and often-overlooked aspect of ozonated oil: It provides short-term benefits while helping protect your health in the long run.

It boosts your immune health

A lot of products claim to support immune health, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that does so as holistically as ozonated oil. It’s rare to find a single way to boost your body with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial activity, but that’s exactly what ozonated oil does. Yet each time you take a Resistor delayed-release capsule, that’s exactly what you’re giving your body.

It’s a comprehensive solution to multiple problems

We started this blog by mentioning just how complex our bodies truly are. Well, for that same reason, it takes a lot for them to heal. Even when addressing something as simple as a splinter, we have to pull it out, add some antiseptic and ensure the cut is properly dressed. The beauty of ozonated oil is that it goes to work for your gut at the same time it gives you a needed yet natural energy boost. In other words, these capsules have a cascading effect that is boundlessly beneficial for your whole body. Now that’s hard to beat.

Are you familiar with the term blitzkrieg? It’s German for “lightning war”, and in World War II, it was a popular method by which an army would overwhelm its opponent. In a way, a blitzkrieg is similar to the effect of our delayed-release ozonated oil capsules: It’s a way to tell your body, in a rapid, surprise fashion, that something is wrong that needs to be fixed. And here’s the best part: it works.

Think of these capsules as a flare rocketing through a pitch-black sky. It’s a wake-up call, alerting your body to the need to get to work and kick your mitochondria into high gear. As outlined above, the results are just what the doctor ordered, even though you don’t need an actual doctor to order them for you; you can do that yourself.

So do yourself a favor — and do your body many favors — by picking up a bottle of Resistor. It’s a great way to boost your energy, your immune system, and your GI health all at once.

Some things are complex, but this is just that simple.

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