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At Biocharged, our mission is to enhance your health through cutting edge, proven, efficient, and smart supplements.

Biocharged supplements

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OF your health today!

our Story

Our journey to create a pill that would give as many benefits as possible was inspired by Nikola Tesla, the original expert in ozone. To start the process, we researched and experimented with packing as much ozone into a pill. Through it, we found it was not the ozone that gives benefits to your body but the ozonides. 


advanced detox & gut health


Charged ozonated oil helps speed your body’s ability to renew at a faster pace and increase digestible oxygen.*

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available on subscription from $49.95 $42.45 / month


60 day supply


adaptogenic Super-supplement


Amptogen combines the power of four essential energy-boosting and anti-aging compounds into one unstoppable supplement.*

+FREE U.S. SHIPPING on all orders of 2+ Bottles

available on subscription from $99.95 $92.95 / month


30 day supply

case studies

OZONE AS AN Adjunctive Modality

Weight Reduction Study

Ozone Therapy for Weight Loss

Ozone vs. Liposuction

ozonated water & rectal insufflation

Intestinal Dysbiosis

Impact on Candida

Species C. albiacans, C. glabrata, C. krusei

Biocharged supplements

featured & Interviews

This product is a game changer for your health!

There are so many benefits to this product that everyone should be taking it. One key to lifelong health is to keep your mitochondria healthy and strong. This product helps you increase your mitochondria. Buy it now!

Robert Menkemeller, R.N.C.
January 20, 2022

I feel amazing

I love this product !!!
I have always had problems with my stomach and after taking Resistor all my problems are gone .
Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!

TammyLee Campisi
March 9, 2022

Helps in Many Ways!

What I like about Resistor is that it helps in a number of ways. Not just detox, but also gut health, and cellular health. It’s contributing to my overall good health, and I can feel the difference.

Sue Wallace
March 9, 2022

I feel great

I love Biocharged! I feel more energized and my sugar cravings seem to be less and less. My digestion is a lot better.

Myriam Saenz
February 16, 2022

Resistor gives so many benefits!

Resistor has bumped up my immunity tremendously especially during these times of many and varied viruses. I use it frequently and I have used it for my pets when they show signs of viral or bacterial infections. Resistor was very helpful staying healthy on a recent trip to Mexico as well. Resistor will always be in my “toolbox” of health!

Lisa Kany
February 8, 2022
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