Gut Health Book List

Gut Health Book List

by biocharged staff

If you’ve ever struggled with gut issues (let’s be honest, who hasn’t at one point or another?!) then you know how difficult it can be to resolve them. The gut is a complex and far-reaching internal system that affects so many aspects of our sense of well-being. The complexity is part of why we created Resistor - an ozonated oil capsule formulated to harness the power of ozone and support overall gut health and detox.

Due to the nature of the gut, there’s always more to learn! We wanted to share 5 books that dive into the gut and its connection to our brain, emotions, weight, diseases etc. We hope these reads leave you feeling inspired and expanded! 

1) Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain - for Life by Dr David Perlmutter 

In "Brain Maker" Dr. Perlmutter explains the potent interplay between intestinal microbes and the brain, describing how the microbiome develops from birth and evolves based on the environment, how it can become sick, and how nurturing gut health through a few easy strategies can alter your brain’s destiny for the better.

2) Gut Feelings by Dr Will Cole

Dr. Will Cole sheds light on the relationship between your physical and emotional health, providing a framework for you to better understand the gut-brain connection and influence that connection for the better. 

3) The Mind Gut Connection by Emeran Meyer

Combining cutting-edge neuroscience with the latest discoveries on the human microbiome The Mind Gut Connection conclusively demonstrates the inextricable, biological link between mind and the digestive system.

4) The Second Brain by Dr Michael D Gershon

Dr. Michael Gershon has devoted his career to understanding the human bowel (the stomach, esophagus, small intestine, and colon). The Second Brain represents a quantum leap in medical knowledge and is already benefiting patients whose symptoms were previously dismissed as neurotic or "it's all in your head."

5) The Good Gut by Justin and Erica Sonnenburg 

The Sonnenburgs show how we can keep our microbiota off the endangered species list and strengthen the community that inhabits our gut and thereby improve our own health. In this important and timely investigation, they look at safe alternatives to antibiotics; dietary and lifestyle choices to encourage microbial health; the management of the aging microbiota; and the nourishment of your own individual microbiome. 

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