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Is Ozonated Oil Safe? Yes! Here’s Why

by biocharged staff

One question we often get asked about our Resistor Ozonated Oil is, “is it safe to consume?” The answer to that is a resounding “yes!” Ozonated oil is perfectly safe, and we’re here to break down the reasoning and myths behind why some people think it’s dangerous.


When we think of ozone, we often think of the gaseous state found in the stratosphere. And, yes, inhaling ozone gas can be harmful to the body, specifically the respiratory system. This is because inhaling the gas can cause damage to the lungs, create inflamed airways, and make it more difficult to breathe.

But we aren’t talking about ozone gas. What we create in our lab is ozonated oil, which is far different, and actually produces beneficial effects on the body. Ozonated oil is produced by passing ozone gas through a layer of oil (in our case, sunflower oil) which creates a new molecule, different from ozone, called ozonides.

Through our process, there is actually no ozone left in the final product, only these ozonides. And, once you take Resistor, the ozonides will generally be distributed throughout the body as they are contained in a delayed-release capsule which is designed to open more towards the small intestine and not the stomach.


Ozonides have the ability to support your body’s ability to renew mitochondria at a faster rate. This in turn strengthens the cells’ ability to perform. Ozonides have multiple health effects on the body, including:

  • Gut detox. Ozonides help our body’s natural immune system and work to fight bad bacteria in the gut. This study found ozonated oil helpful in the fight against candida overgrowth, which is a common ailment that affects millions of people every year.
  • Weight management. Having a healthy gut can be a major factor in how well your body can lose and manage weight. In the same way that it helps against candida overgrowth, ozonated oil can help re-balance the microbiome and create properly balanced gut flora. This, in turn, aids in metabolic support and weight management.


While ozone has negative effects on the body, our Resistor is packed full of ozonides, which have a multitude of benefits. While ozonated oil is created using ozone, is it a common misconception that there is ozone gas in the final product. Rest assured, there is no ozone in our Resistor Ozonated Oil.

Ready to see the health benefits of ozonides for yourself? Try Resistor today and get free shipping when you order two bottles, or sign up for our subscription service and get a discount on every bottle.

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