Supplement Stacking

Supplement Stacking

by biocharged staff

A core part of the mission at Biocharged is making people’s lives healthier and easier through innovative solutions. We love hearing how our original product, Resistor, has positively impacted people’s lives by improving their gut health, energy, weight, and more. When we began formulating our second product, Amptogen, it was important that it had distinct benefits but still complemented Resistor. Figuring out the best way to optimize your supplement routine and supercharge your health can cause a lot of confusion. Today we’re here to eliminate that confusion by breaking down how and why Resistor and Amptogen work together for a winning solution! 

First up, Resistor 

Ozone therapy is a highly impactful health modality with many different applications. For example intravenously, topically, rectally, via injections, as well as for dental and cosmetic reasons. Resistor was created to capture the benefits of ozone therapy to make it affordable, accessible, and easy to incorporate into people’s daily lives – That’s why customers love these magical golden capsules. 

To start, ozonated oil is created by bubbling ozone gas into organic sunflower oil. The ozonation process reduces the inflammatory effects of sunflower oil and leaves behind the powerful ozonide molecules, primed and ready to be transported into the gut and body by carrying all the benefits of ozone therapy. Ozonides are the molecules ozone is stored in within the double bonds of the fatty acids in the organic sunflower oil. 

What’s amazing about ozone therapies, like ozonated oil, is that they aid the body and its vital systems in achieving homeostasis, supporting the body to naturally find balance and optimal function for the gut, immune system, oxygen efficiency, and athletic recovery. 

Resistor Ozonated Oil supports gut detox, immune health, and weight management. People have even shared stories of experiencing additional benefits including mental clarity, clearer skin, and support managing symptoms from food triggers. The amazing benefits and easy to use method make this product an amazing daily supplement for overall gut health and wellness. 

Due to the nature of gut detox and ozone treatments, many people have asked us how to minimize detox symptoms when taking Resistor as well as how Resistor can be combined with other supplements. 

Enter, Amptogen 

To improve the experience of taking Resistor, the Biocharged team began looking into effective binders as a way to aid the detoxification process initiated by taking ozonated oil. The amazing adaptogen Shilajit became a front-runner as the hero ingredient for Biocharged’s second product. 

Shilajit is a mineral-rich compound sourced from the Himalayan Mountains. For centuries it has been used to promote energy, hormonal balance, longevity, as well as its function as a binder due to the 84+ minerals it contains. With Shilajit as the base, the team looked into additional ingredients that could be combined to give Amptogen a unique profile of benefits. Existing not only as a binder-complement to Resistor but also as a stand-alone powerful super-blend! 

By combining Shilajit with Resveratrol, and NMN this adaptogenic compound provides an immediate energy boost while delivering long-term benefits such as hormonal balance and supporting a healthy aging process. 

Stack ‘em up! They’re better together. 

By taking Resistor and Amptogen together you are bringing your gut back into balance, encouraging your body to get rid of bad bacteria and priming it with the benefits of ozonated oil. By adding-on Amptogen as a binder you are aiding in the detoxification effects (effectively letting Shilajit collect and carry-out everything your body is detoxing!) while also delivering powerful overall health support through ingredients like Shilajit, NMN, and Resveratrol. Pairing these two together is a win-win for gut health, energy, mental clarity and more! 

If you have any specific health concerns, we always recommend consulting your doctor before starting a new supplement routine. If you’re excited to stack these supplements and maximize the benefits you can shop our Biocharged Bundle below. 

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