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What You Need to Know About Our Ozone Capsules

by biocharged staff

Nowadays when people hear the name Nikola Tesla, they think of electric cars and Elon Musk. But did you know that the father of modern electrical systems was also the original expert of ozone therapies? That’s right: The revered futurist and inventor was also the man behind the first ozone generator. And because of him, topical ozone therapy was then used to help heal soldiers on battlefields across Europe in World War I.

It makes sense. After all, Tesla harnessed the power or lightning, and now, so are we.

You see, Resistor is the result of over a century’s worth of innovation and fine-tuning from some of the world’s finest minds. It might’ve started with Tesla, but after decades and decades of work from savvy scientists, you now have capsules like the kind our very own savvy scientists make here at Biocharged.

True to form, our Resistor capsules have rich facets and robust benefits that you might not know about even if you’ve already been enjoying their perks and power for some time.

Here are five things you absolutely need to know about ozone capsules like our powerful product Resistor.

The Medium Has Changed, but the Therapy is the Same

Resistor by Biocharged is inspired by a process known as autohemotherapy, otherwise known as ozone therapy, which is the infusion of medical-grade ozone. With a boost from cutting-edge tech, the scientists at Biocharged employ a digital variable frequency driver that, in turn, generates a powerful plasma field and gives you the same benefits as the ozone therapy without the actual ozone.

Like Tesla Himself, Resistor is Wielding the Power and Potency of Lightning

In technical terms, we here at Biocharged are utilizing the Schumann Resonance. That resonance is an ongoing phenomenon, a series of peaks and valleys generated by the discharge of lightning. By tapping into the power of that resonance, our seasoned scientists are essentially creating our own lightning — and it’s all for your benefit. Think about it: That means our oil capsules — the capsules you can use to heal and boost your energy all at once — are supercharged with the power of the Earth’s electromagnetic frequency. It’s hard to get more natural than that.

Resistor Capsules Provide Vital Signals That Tell Your Body, “Get to Work”

In a previous blog, we compared the power of our Resistor product to the classic war method “Blitzkrieg:” the act of throwing everything you’ve got at your opponent so as to overwhelm them and achieve rapid victory. While we normally don’t prefer war analogies for our products (the capsules are healing, after all) but this analogy is pretty much perfect. Our delayed-release capsules subtly kick your systems into overdrive, triggering your body to upregulate its own in-house, onboard defense systems. It’s the equivalent of a wake-up call or a cold blast of water to the face without the unpleasantries of either one. In fact, you won’t even realize that your Resistor capsules are going to work for you. That’s partly the beauty of this product: It accomplishes so much work even as it requires so little work from you.


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This Product Supports Your Body on a Cellular Level

We’ve talked a lot about how the pros at Biocharged make this powerful product, and for good reason: It’s awesome, and we believe the lightning-charged process is a testament to the vitality you can add to your daily regimen with just a single capsule. But now it’s time to talk in even greater detail about what Resistor capsules do for you once added to that regimen.

Think of it this way: Resistor capsules are effectively enhancing the wisdom of your body. The more you remind your body of its power by sending it the signals described above, the more your body learns. You read that right: Your body is smart, and our ozonated capsules simply make it even smarter. To do that, Resistor capsules introduce ozonides that, in turn, cause a hormetic response and supercharge your body’s mitochondria. To put it another way, these capsules are supporting cellular regeneration and detoxification in a way that promotes ongoing cellular health.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, friends: A crash course on the history and power of ozonated capsules like our Resistor product. There’s more to learn, of course, but we think this gives you a terrific primer on all the benefits conferred by these capsules.

Now, there’s only one thing to do: Give ‘em a try, and let Resistor go to work for you.
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